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A Tribute to Caretakers of the Elderly or Injured Spouses

My 89-year-old mother is about to go into assisted living. This got me thinking about caretakers—and how much I admire you if you are taking care of either a parent or grandparent or an injured or ill spouse or significant … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences Change Us for the Better

Accidents, cancer, other chronic illnesses, job loss, natural disasters are all horrible things to endure. But a trauma or stressful event, even while delivering heartbreak, can often be a gift in disguise. Take, for example, Louise, who was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Are Others Giving You The Support You Need?

Let’s say something bad has happened in your life. Perhaps you were laid off from work. Or you were just diagnosed with a chronic disease. You send an email about it to a group of your closest friends and family. … Continue reading

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Turn a Trauma into Something Beautiful

On a trip to Death Valley last weekend, I wondered how anything could survive in this desolate place. At first glance, the barreness there is almost overwhelming, miles upon miles of lonely landscapes so harsh surely nothing can survive. At … Continue reading

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