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The Beautiful Side of Cancer

Any woman will appreciate and be moved by this guest article written by my friend Dawn Murphy—because the article emphasizes that a man can love you for who you are rather than what you look like. By Dawn Murphy Tom … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences Change Us for the Better

Accidents, cancer, other chronic illnesses, job loss, natural disasters are all horrible things to endure. But a trauma or stressful event, even while delivering heartbreak, can often be a gift in disguise. Take, for example, Louise, who was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Turn a Trauma into Something Beautiful

On a trip to Death Valley last weekend, I wondered how anything could survive in this desolate place. At first glance, the barreness there is almost overwhelming, miles upon miles of lonely landscapes so harsh surely nothing can survive. At … Continue reading

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Giffords and Kelly

Post-Trauma Relationship Survival Strategies Plenty of news articles have explained what Representative Gabrielle Giffords will need to do in order to recover physically from the gunshot wound. But as far as I can tell, no news outlet has covered the … Continue reading

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Should Women Be Afraid to Cry Around Men?

Some of you may have seen the AP article last week reporting on a study that explains why men are turned off when women cry. The study is an interesting one, but it raises a question. According to the study, … Continue reading

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