Whether You’re Married, Single, or Divorced… You’ll Treasure a New Book Called The Indestructible Relationship
by Kimberly Pryor

If You Have a Significant Other, It Can Show You How to Stress-Proof Your Relationship and Fall Even More Deeply in Love.

If You’re Single or Divorced, It Can Show You The Secrets for Everlasting Love So Your Next Relationship Has What It Takes to Last Forever.

And If You Like to Read Inspirational Stories of Hope and Love, Combined with a Touch of Suspenseful Real-Life Drama, You Won’t Be Able to Put this Book Down. 
“Any couple could benefit from the wisdom shared in these
inspired stories of hope, commitment and love.”

—Kirkus Reviews

The book portrays the dramatic, real life stories of couples whose relationships have survived some of the most traumatic experiences anyone can face—death of a child, cancer, becoming paralyzed a month after the wedding, having a home damaged in a natural disaster, infidelity, and bankruptcy—as well as everyday challenges such as job stress. The couples share their secrets for what it takes to keep a relationship strong through trying times—secrets that you can use in your own relationship, whether you’ve been dating a month or married 30 years.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I could learn from The Indestructible Relationship, as my husband and I have been together 30 years, have weathered all sorts of tough times, and have a great relationship. But, I loved the book! The stories are powerful and inspiring. The advice given is very practical… I really like the Crisis-Coping Techniques listed at the end of each couple’s story. Maybe if my husband and I had read this book when we were going through a crisis, we would have had an easier time of it. I think this book would make a beautiful gift for any couple you know who is going through a challenge, health crisis, death of a child, or other trauma.”

—Lisa Papp, wife of Jim Papp (author of Inquire Within: A Guide to Living in Spirit)

Author Kimberly Pryor with Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-creator Jack Canfield

In The Indestructible Relationship, you’ll discover:

• The number one factor that can destroy a relationship in times of stress—and whether your own relationship is at risk.• An easy way for long-time lovers to fall passionately back in love with their partners.

• How one very important and easy change in your attitude can revitalize a marriage in trouble.

• A surprising reason why some men have affairs—and the one time you should forgive your partner for cheating.

• A simple strategy you can use to see your partner’s point of view and head off arguments before they start.

• A common trait of couples who survive a crisis with their partnership intact. In fact, without this one trait, your relationship will very likely not make it through the toughest of times—much less day-to-day struggles.

• An effective way to argue that resolves conflict rather than hurts feelings.

• The biggest mistake you can make when listening to your partner’s feelings.

The Indestructible Relationship is not your typical self-help book. Which is one of the reasons why it won the EPIC eBook award for best non-fiction in 2012.

“To win the EPIC award the work must be riveting, entertaining, well-constructed and written in a manner to keep the reader interested—not an easy task. And it must shine above all others. Top quality works and best sellers are entered and only the cream of the crop even make it to the finals. To be chosen a winner signifies the author’s place at the top of his or her profession.”

—Desiree Holt, the EPICon-2012 Chair, about The Indestructible Relationship winning the EPIC eBook Award


Buy The Indestructible Relationship TODAY and you’ll strengthen your relationship or discover the skills to nurture a new relationship.  And I’ll donate 25 cents of each paperback purchased to The Compassionate Friends, a non-profit that helps families who have lost a child.

Wishing you joy and peace,
Kimberly Pryor
Author, The Indestructible Relationship

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