Kimberly Pryor: Author of The Indestructible Relationship

Kim Pryor - Author of The Indestructible Relationship

Two trees joined together as one–how symbolic given the topic of my book.

Author Kimberly Pryor was discouraged. Two close friends were getting divorced from their husbands. And she hadn’t been successful at finding the man she could settle down with for the rest of her life. She wondered if “‘Til Death Do us part” was just a myth.

“Indestructible relationship?” She thought. “Is there such a thing?”

As a journalist who has had more than 600 magazine and newspaper articles published, she set out to answer this question. First, in a magazine article about spouses who had overcome adversity. Because, she thought, if a relationship can survive a house burning down in a fire, a chronic illness, the death of a child, or bankruptcy, then it could surely survive day-to-day struggles. Kimberly’s goal? To prove that indestructible relationships are possible, and that, despite the statistics, divorce doesn’t have to be a fact of life.

Kimberly was amazed by the inspirational stories she heard from the spouses she interviewed. Barb and Wayne, who went through the shock of Wayne injuring himself in a family football game and becoming a quadriplegic a month after their wedding nearly 40 years ago. Meryl and George, whose son Danny died at the age of 11 of heart disease. Martin, who felt uncomfortable with the way his wife’s priorities changed after she survived breast cancer. And other couples who had gone through floods, wildfires, chronic illness, work stress, home foreclosure and bankruptcy.

She decided these inspirational stories about overcoming adversity couldn’t be told in a magazine article alone.

The Indestructible Relationship book was born.

As a single person who was—and is—looking for a long-term partner—the topic fascinated her: what skills do couples use to keep their unions strong during and after major traumas? How is that spouses who have gone through far less have their relationships fall apart while couples who have gone through some of the worst things two people can experience stay together?

In interviewing spouses who have overcome adversity and portraying their experiences in a dramatic, highly readable way, she was able to put her finger on a number of skills these resilient partners use to keep their relationships strong, skills you can use in your own relationship to avoid arguments (or at least argue more effectively), rekindle the passion you felt in your first year together, and develop a greater sense of appreciation for each other.

Kimberly Pryor invites you to meet the amazing couples featured in The Indestructible Relationship. Their stories will inspire you, renew your faith that love can last forever, and provide the two of you with the skills necessary for coping with life’s challenges.

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