Are You Under A Lot of Stress? Could The Way You React to Stress or Grief Damage Your Relationship or Scare Away Your Most Promising Dates?

Whether you’re under pressure at work, you’re stressed and tired from taking care of the kids,  or you’re enduring something more traumatic such as cancer, bankruptcy or recovering from an accident, The Indestructible Relationship will show married people and singles how to feel more at peace in times of stress.

Single and Not Having Luck With Love? Read This…

Are you single and dating? Maybe when you do get involved in a relationship, it doesn’t last. It’s really frustrating, I know. And it can feel really lonely at times.

I feel your pain because I’ve been there, too. I dated and dated and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find the right person. When I got involved in what I hoped would be a long-lasting relationship, it fizzled soon after it started.

I began to wonder what I was doing wrong. I was losing hope that I would ever find The One. Then came my Ah Ha moment!

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Are You and Your Sweetie Stressed? Or Have You Gone Through Something Traumatic?

How to Be More at Peace

If you’re reading this, you’re likely either overwhelmed, stressed, grieving, tired and exhausted or all of the above.

Either you’re suffering from everyday job stress or you’ve suffered through something more traumatic.

Either way, I’m here to give you relief and help you find peace.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how.

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Divorced? Proven Ways To Stop Your Next Relationship From Ending Up Like Your Last

I know how painful it is to have a relationship fall apart and to wonder if there’s anything you could have done differently to stop it from happening.

After your divorce, it’s really important that you look back and analyze what went wrong in an objective way where you’re not blaming yourself. Instead, you’re using the past as a source of information. This is a critical step in your healing process because if you’ve never analyzed what went wrong in your marriage, you risk getting involved with the same type of person again or making the same type of mistakes again.

This is why up to 60 percent of all second marriages fail and as many as 75 percent of all third marriages fail.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to find the type of love you deserve. And when you get that love, I want you to keep it.

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The Indestructible Relationship author Kimberly Pryor with Chicken Soup for the Soul Cocreator Jack Canfield.

Praise for The Indestructible Relationship, Named The Best Nonfiction of 2012 at the EPIC eBook Awards

“Here, the author shares the stories of 10 couples who have overcome hardship, managing to stay together and even strengthen their relationships. Their stories are especially refreshing in light of a seemingly sky-high divorce rate. Pryor’s writing is clear, concise and relatable as she deftly avoids imposing conclusions and instead lets the couples speak for themselves. Any couple could benefit from the wisdom shared in these inspired stories of hope, commitment and love.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“I read the first few pages of this book and I was hooked. I was fascinated by the ways these couples kept their relationships strong. When I think about how many couples I know who divorce, it amazed me how these couples in the book managed to stick together through thick and thin. I learned a lot from these poignant stories.”

–Ann LaRoue, Mother of two in Florida

“To win the EPIC eBook Award the work must be riveting, entertaining, well-constructed and written in a manner to keep the reader interested–not an easy task. And it must shine above all others. Top quality works and best sellers are entered and only the cream of the crop even make it to the finals. To be chosen a winner signifies the author’s place at the top of his or her profession.”

–Desiree Holt, the EPICon-2012 Chair about The Indestructible Relationship winning the 2012 EPIC eBook Award for non-fiction.

“As a grief and trauma specialist, I work daily with people who are attempting to find ways to move through a difficult life experience. One of my major roles is to help them identify how the tragedy will impact their primary relationships and to then find ways to maintain their relationships. In The Indestructible Relationship, Kim Pryor describes true life stories of couples who not only maintained but strengthen their relationships as a result of finding ways to face and work through their tragedies. She concludes each chapter by outlining in bullet form the strategies each couple used to reinforce and strengthen their relationships. In doing so she provides an excellent road map for other couples. The Indestructible Relationship is definitely a resource I will suggest to those I work with. Thank you Kim Pryor for creating, The Indestructible Relationship.”

–Dr. Jane A. Simington, PhD. of Taking Flight International. Professor, Therapist, Acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Award-winning Author of Setting the Captive Free: Your Guide to Soulful Change and Transformation.

“As a family law lawyer, mediator and former state court magistrate, I have seen thousands upon thousands of couples who have thrown the towel in to adversity; and a few who have gone to the brink and made it back. This book provides insight and inspiration for any couple challenged by the slings and arrows of life, who find themselves on the brink, but who want to make it through to the other side.”

–Steven P. Combs, Attorney, Jacksonville, Florida

“The Indestructible Relationship is a great concept for a book. After the death of our child, I found it was very helpful to talk with, or read about, others who had been through a similar experience. It is very reassuring to know much of what you go through is normal, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time. I liked the use of interviews with couples in The Indestructible Relationship. It made the subject matter more real and kept it from being ‘dry instructional.’”

–Rachael, Mother whose child died from sudden infant death syndrome

“Life isn’t tidy. Ordinary and extraordinary experiences can put relationships to the test. By sharing real stories, The Indestructible Relationship provides lessons and insights that will help couples find strength and encouragement to help them address their own challenges.”

–Pamela Tsigdinos, Award-winning author of Silent Sorority: A (Barren) Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and Found

“With so many marriages ending in divorce, it’s a relief to read about couples who kept their relationships together, despite so much tragedy and hardship. The advice given is right-on and practical; a “must read” for anyone who is in a tenuous relationship.”

–Dawn Murphy, Mother of two in Reno, Nevada

“I recently purchased The Indestructible Relationship and read it through in two settings. Great read. So informative and insightful for these hard times, whether you’re in crisis or not. I recommend it to everyone.”

–Carol Davis Luce, best-selling novelist, author of Night Game.


Relationship Expert and Author Kimberly Pryor


PURCHASE THE INDESTRUCTIBLE RELATIONSHIP—And I will donate 25 cents of each book sold to The Compassionate Friends, the nation’s largest self-help bereavement organization for families who have experienced the death of a child.

I wanted to do something good when I wrote this book, something that would give back to the world. Consequently, I’m now donating 25 cents from each The Indestructible Relationship book purchased to The Compassionate Friends, to help them in their mission to help families suffering the heartache of a child’s death.

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